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কামরুল হাফিজ আহমেদ

কামরুল হাফিজ আহমেদ, ব্যারিষ্টার এবং সলিসিটর Kamrul Hafiz Ahmed, Barrister and Solicitor offers all inland and overseas Canadian Immigration legal services to assist clients to successfully gain permanent residency status in Canada. Kamrul Hafiz Ahmed is called to the bar of Ontario as a Barrister and Solicitor, he is authorized by the Canadian Government to represent you. His area of practice limited to Immigration Law, Real Estate, Family Law, Personal Injury, Wills and Criminal matters. He has extensive experience in all aspects of Canadian Immigration Law, Refugee Matters , Sponsorship appeal and Citizenship Law. His practice is devoted to representing multinational clients particularly Investors and entrepreneurs around the world. Mr. Kamrul regularly makes submission to embassies, consulates, high commissions and visa posts, as well as port of entry and inland processing centers. Kamrul Hafiz also represented various clients before the Immigration Refugee Board and Appellate division. His law office also filing cases before the Federal Court of Canada for challenging decision made by visa officers. Mr. Kamrul has both bachelor and masters degree in law. He also obtained postgraduate Degree in Regulatory Law Administration and LLB degree from the University of Ottawa[ NCA] He is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and having office in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
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